Publication / Book


A01-1 Noji-Team

  • Mamoru Hashimoto, Taro Ichimura and Katsumasa Fujita,
    CARS Microscopy: Implementation of Nonlinear Vibrational Spectroscopy for Far-Field and Near-Field Imaging,
    Raman Imaging, Springer Series in Optical Sciences 168,
    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg(2012)

A03-1 Togashi-Team

  • Mitsuhiro Iwaki, Lorenzo Marcucci, Yuichi Togashi and Toshio Yanagida,
    Single Molecule and Collective Dynamics of Motor Protein Coupled with Mechano-Sensitive Chemical Reaction,
    Engineering of Chemical Complexity (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Complex Systems - Vol. 11), pp.79-100, World Scientific(2013).
  • T. Komatsuzaki, S. Takahashi, M. Kawakami, Haw Yang etc,
    Single Molecule Biophysics: Experiment and Theory as a special volume of Advances in Chemical Physics,
    146, John-Wiley & Sons, Inc.(2012).

A03-2 Imada-Team

  • Takayuki Uchihashi, Noriyuki Kodera and Toshio Ando,
    Nanovisualization of proteins in action using high-speed AFM,
    Single-molecule Studies of Proteins (Biophysics for the Life Sciences) Vol2, pp.119-147, Springer(2013).
  • Toshio Ando and Takayuki Uchihashi,
    High-speed AFM and Imaging of Biomoleculr Processes,
    Nanoscale Liquid Interfaces: Wetting, Patterning, and Force Microscopy at the Molecular Scale, pp.713-742, Pan Stanford Publishing(2013).